Monday, October 3, 2016

Sports need of pencil and eraser

Arav is now able to skip pencil and eraser......sign of artist in making.

He has also started adding signature to his art!


- Ashish

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Tiger in the jungle

Arav tried to portray tiger in the jungle. With Nagpur getting attention for the tiger reserves around it, this is obviously something that kids should be aware of and express in order to increase awareness about preservation of nature.


- Ashish

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Smashy Road Video Game

Arav enjoys playing video games....especially car video games.

Here is his work from one of such games called "Smashy Roads" which has cars built using blocks.

I love the fact that he followed his thoughts to put it on paper instead of looking for any guidance.


- Ashish

Friday, September 16, 2016

Drawing by doodling!!

Not sure if this is officially a drawing style but is indeed interesting and worth to record.

Also, notice the signature and date!!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

To begin, here are some of Arav's jobs till date. Family and friends appreciate his work a lot. With all the support, we encourage him to do his best in pursuing his passion.

This is how it started.

Notice that this was done using pen.
Parts drawing, cutting (with some help) and assembly



3D Model building and coloring

Worth to show his mom's create sand art

King Shivaji's drawing after returning from the show "Janta Raja"



Lantern for Diwali festival

Goddess Durga

Parts drawing, cutting and assembly of Mac Truck from the movie Cars

This work got showcased in one of kids magazines (Champs) in the year 2015

I remember this drawing was on our route to Digras (his maternal uncle's place for the festival of Pola in 2015). Arav joined his dad on this road trip without mom.

While we were waiting for food in "Fountain Sizzlers" restaurant

Attic is a personal space that reflects your personality. So, this is Arav's attic to showcase his efforts in creative world. Certainly he imbibed these skills from his mom and now exhibiting them in the form of drawings, paintings, building and coloring 3D models etc.

As proud parents, we have always appreciated his work. But, one day he did something amazing with very few brush strokes.

So, here were are now and this attic will be regularly updated with Arav's creations.

Stay tuned!!